Lystek OMRC-FSSD P3 Project

FSSDFairfield-Suisun’s existing water and wastewater treatment plant was constructed in the late 1970s. The plant has long produced a biosolid that has typically been used as a daily cover at the local landfill.

This unique, Private-Public Partnership brings a new technology to the area as well as additional uses for this valuable material. Not only does this undertaking support the existing FSSD wastewater treatment facility to manage its biosolids, but it also converts what is sometimes considered “waste” into a range of fully recoverable resources with a variety of uses, including a higher quality effluent.

The forward-thinking leadership team at FSSD recognized that the lifespan of their landfill cover program was limited. As a result, the search for new and innovative uses for biosolids generated at the plant was amplified. It was during this search that conversations were initiated with Lystek, who, at the same time, were looking for innovative expansion opportunities in the U.S. market; in particular California.

After many positive conversations, it was agreed there were great synergies between the two organizations including the fact that the project would be able to make use of existing, under-utilized infrastructure such as a decommissioned lime stabilization building and system that has been inactive for over 20 years and surplus digester capacity at the FSSD plant.

For more information on this unique, P3 project, watch the video below:


Wistia video thumbnail - Lystek Organic Material Recover Center, Fairfield, California

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