Nayeli Basulto, B.Sc.

Plant Engineer

Nayeli is passionate about improving environmental quality via wastewater resource recovery and soil enhancement. Her academic studies include a semester of international experience in South Africa and then earning a degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of California (Merced).  Nayeli started her professional career as a researcher at UC-Merced analyzing the mass balance of carbon and nitrogen decomposition of organic and vegetative materials. She also completed an internship at a wastewater utility where she collaborated on a project to replace aging collection pipes.

As Plant Engineer at the Fairfield Organic Material Recovery Center (OMRC) Nayeli is the lead for facility upgrades and product quality.  Nayeli’s work effort ensures that OMRC operations are efficient and effective in meeting customer expectations.  She supports the Operations Team by analyzing data and implementing adjustments for continuous process improvement.  Nayeli also manages the various permit requirements which are assigned to the OMRC.


  • California Association of Sanitation Agencies
  • California Water Environment Association
  • Water Environmental Federation