• The Lystek THP solution diverts biosolids and organics from landfill or incineration for use as high quality fertilizers and other, valuable, cost saving products
  • Produces a federally registered/recognized liquid biofertilizer (LysteGro®) – a unique, pathogen-free, high solids content product that is purchased by local growers

circular economy

  • Best management practices such as sub-surface injection are followed to increase soil contact and reduce the risk of run-off to help protect local waterways
  • In the AD process, recycling the hydrolysed product enhances biodegradation of volatile solids, resulting in increased biogas yields of 30%, (or more) and reduced output volumes of 20% (or more)
  • In BNR systems, the processed product (LysteCarb®) can be utilized as an alternative carbon source, replacing costly, conventional products such as methanol and glycerol
  • Lystek THP can also accept raw sludge directly, producing a high quality product without Anaerobic Digestion
  • The process can also be deployed regionally to serve a number of surrounding communities