August 21, 2012 Biosolids

With growing public interest and regulatory changes, municipalities or large agricultural operations that generate biosolids continue to face new technical and financial challenges on how to dispose of this waste. Lystek International’s biosolids management process seeks to solve this problem by collecting this waste and using it to creating a safe, high quality liquid fertilizer through an innovative and patented process.

This innovative process of biosolids treatment is based on a patented process that consists of a combination of heat, high shear mixing, and ph adjustment to boost the alkalinity of the material and convert it to a CFIA registered, high solid content fertilizer for agricultural use. , In fact, Lystek’s technology produces a biosolids product that exceeds the U.S. “Class A” standards for safety and environmental performance.

The resulting liquid bio-fertilizer product is very flexible and easy to handle. It has the ability to be pumped, which reduces the handling, storage, and transportation costs, while increasing the ease of application.

As well, the processed material can be stored for long periods of time without any regrowth of potentially harmful pathogens or any change in its ability to be applied effectively. No separation of fluids and solids occurs over time using Lystek’s biosolids processing technology. No extensive control measures are required to store Lystek’s biosolids product. The homogenous nature of the processed materials allows for uniform application to agricultural land.

Lystek is always looking to improve the biosolids treatment process and expand its application. This advanced biosolids treatment and processing technology may also be used to safely treat and recycle other organic materials such as septage and manure. There is also a potential to customize the resulting end product and add additional nutrients to increase the value for application to agricultural land.