July 15, 2012 Biosolids

Lystek specializes in the recovery of organic materials. More specifically, Lystek offers a unique, patented process for the management and beneficial use of biosolids.

What Is Biosolids Management?
Biosolids refers to the residual, semi-solid, organic material primarily derived from municipal and/or commercial wastewater treatment processes. These nutrient rich materials are eventually used in agricultural applications, sent to landfills or incinerated.

Lystek’s biosolids management solutions eliminate pathogens and drastically reduce the unpleasant odours associated with biosolids.

The Traditional Approach
Throughout Canada and the US, more than 10 million dry tonnes of biosolids are produced annually. Traditionally, about 75% of these biosolids have been sent to landfills, used in land applications or incinerated. These three methods of disposal were widely accepted for years, but the landscape is now changing.

Although the traditional land application of partially treated biosolids is still the predominant practice, some concerns regarding potential environmental impact and health risks have been expressed.

Disposing of biosolids in landfills keeps increasing in cost, and is not considered sustainable over the long term due to shrinking landfill capacity.

The costs associated with incineration of biosolids are quite high and prohibitive for most, plus there are real concerns about the potential for greenhouse gas emissions with this practice.

People in government and in the general public are continually calling for tighter regulations and safe, proven, cost effective techniques for the management of biosolids.

The Lystek Approach

The Lystek approach to biosolids management focuses on producing concentrated liquid fertilizer that is free from pathogens and high in nutrients. The end product is easy to store, pump and transport and may be applied in a similar fashion to standard liquid fertilizers.

The Lystek approach uses a combination of heat and alkali with high shear mixing to produce the concentrated fertilizer. The process that Lystek uses is capable of treating dewatered or thickened raw and digested types of sludge.

When the Lystek approach is used in the management of biosolids, there are many benefits.

The Lystek approach to biosolids management has deep scientific roots and has been proven effective time and again.

Lystek biosolids are pathogen free and environmentally friendly with a ten-fold reduction in odour.

The Lystek approach can also reduce storage needs, disposal and transportation costs for plant operators, and can be integrated into as little as 1,000 sq. feet of space. The end result is a homogeneous fertilizer that’s safe and stable and that farmers both want and need.