Digester Enhancement

Lystek THP® produces a Class A quality biosolids fertilizer, LysteGro®, and can further enhance biosolids and organics resource recovery with LysteMize®. The LysteMize process re-feeds a portion of the Lystek THP treated material to improve anaerobic digester performance.

LysteCarb Process Flow

Lystek THP solubilizes organic compounds that were not digested in the first pass, making the digested residuals amenable to further biodegradation. This allows for quicker conversion to biogas in the digester and improves overall digester preformance.

LysteMize increases biogas yields and further minimizes residuals requiring management offsite.

Discover how Lystek THP can close the loop and turn local community waste into sustainable fertilizer and energy.

Curious about the mass balance?

Click here for an example case of how a Lystek THP and LysteMize program performs when compared to a WWTP with digestion only or with Lystek THP and LysteGro only. See our graphic illustration of this mass balance.

What benefits can Lystek THP and LysteMize offer your site?

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