June 14, 2016 Blog

Lystek customers enjoy complete, end-to-end biosolids and organics management solutions. Wondering how and why this works so well? Well, the multi-purpose, turn-key Lystek Thermal Hydrolysis system is specifically designed to not only harness and maximize the value of biosolids and organics, but to enhance what you already have in place at your WWTP, making it work better.

Lystek Thermal Hydrolysis is a simple, low cost, low maintenance system with a remarkably small footprint that works within your existing treatment plant environment to maximize both operational efficiencies and often under-utilized infrastructure. That’s what our customers love and appreciate; that, and the fact that the system is extremely easy to operate and it functions reliably and independently, without interference to existing systems. Basically, our customers only notice the benefits of the innovation – and the great service.

Intrigued? View our Customer Experience video (below) and hear directly from our customers how Lystek delivers peace of mind as we convert traditional wastewater treatment plants into true Resource Recovery Centers.

The Lystek Customer Experience video