Regional Processing Centre, Iroquois, ON

THFL is the largest, regional biosolids management company in Eastern Ontario. They manage the biosolids program for the City of Ottawa as well as other municipalities in the region. They also currently manage a portion of material from Toronto, Ontario. THFL came to the conclusion that many municipalities want to continue with beneficial use programs but they also noticed a growing trend toward the use of advanced treatment processes to produce a Class A quality, CFIA registered product. According to a workshop and report on biosolids management tabled by the Water Environment Federation in October, 2013, there is, indeed, a distinct movement away from Class B programs due to persistent concerns over pathogens and the ability to significantly reduce odors.

THFL reviewed a number of alkaline stabilization processes and decided to invest in Lystek’s patented and proven, low heat, low pressure thermal hydrolysis solution due to its small footprint, low cost and ease of operation. Another significant benefit to THFL was the ability to produce a high solid content, CFIA registered fertilizer product that is easier to store, transport and apply as compared to dewatered, Class B biosolids. THFL is now able to supply and apply the product more quickly.

The processing capacity of the Lystek system, commissioned at the THFL plant in 2013, is 9m3 of dewatered and liquid biosolids per hour. The addition of the state-of the-art, Lystek solution to the THFL biosolids management operation is playing a vital role in contributing to its industry leadership position.