Plant Optimization, St Marys, ON

In 2006, a pilot study was initiated jointly by Lystek, GHD (formerly CRA) and the University of Western Ontario at the St. Marys WWTP to demonstrate a unique, fully integrated approach for plant optimization using Lystek technology, BNR and anaerobic digestion systems.

The pilot study exceeded the specified performance objectives and concluded that the LysteMize approach had the potential to significantly reduce net disposal volumes in a fully optimized plant. Studies also confirmed that recycling Lystek-processed biosolids to the anaerobic digesters can potentially increase methane by 25% or more and that the “LysteMized” material is an excellent source of readily biodegradable carbon. It was additionally concluded that this approach is capable of significantly improving effluent quality well beyond any (anticipated) future, provincial standards.

The combined BNR/Lystek strategy increased storage capacity to ensure the plant would be in line with changes in MOECC guidelines introduced in 2007. Based on the success of the feasibility study and during the pilot period, the Town implemented the Lystek approach to biosolids management.