Lystek’s proven, low temperature, Thermal Hydrolysis Process is leading the way in cost effective, easy-to-operate, biosolids and organics management solutions.

Lystek offers advanced biosolids processing solutions for wastewater treatment plants and similar organic waste materials from the industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors.

Implementing a Lystek THP® solution will transform your traditional Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) into a true Wastewater Resource Recovery Center (WRRC) by harnessing and maximizing the value in these amazing resources.

Lystek’s Thermal Hydrolysis Process   

Lystek THP is a unique, physical-chemical thermal hydrolysis process involving high-speed shearing, alkali, and low-pressure steam injection.

The technology has the ability to process digested or undigested residuals to produce a multi-purpose, hydrolyzed product, with multiple potential benefits for full-cycle resource recovery.

Our technical specifications sheet, including processing rates and key operating parameters, can be accessed here.

How it Works

The unique, patented process disintegrates microbial cell walls and hydrolyses complex macromolecules into simpler compounds. One of the key benefits of this is the creation of a stable, low viscosity processed product with a solid concentration in the range of 13 – 16%. This high value, liquid product can be pumped, transported, and applied using conventional liquid handling equipment.

One System. Multiple Benefits.

Implementation of Lystek THP provides operational flexibility with multiple beneficial use options to enhance resource recovery. These include LysteGro® a marketable Class A quality biosolids fertilizer, LysteMize® a product for enhancement of anaerobic digesters, as well as LysteCarb® an alternative carbon source for biological nutrient removal (BNR) systems.

Further details on our LysteGro, LysteMize, and LysteCarb product and process offerings can be found on our solutions page.

Lystek THP is modular, scalable, and cost efficient.

The Lystek THP Module is available in three sizes – LY3, LY6, and LY10 – to meet your system design needs. The modular design allows for easy expansion and integration, as future demand requires.

The technology is also available in a fully containerized unit, Mobile THP. More information on the Lystek Mobile THP offering can be found here.


Benefits of Lystek Thermal Hydrolysis Solution

The Lystek system has a small footprint, is cost effective, fast, efficient, reliable, and proven. Modular design makes it scalable and easy to deploy (or retrofit). The system is fully automated and simple to operate and maintain.

Some additional advantages of the solution are:

  • Creates a marketable, high-solids liquid Class A biosolids
  • Lystek offers comprehensive product management services
  • Optimizes anaerobic digesters; increasing biogas production for green energy while decreasing residual volumes through improved volatile solids reduction (VSR)
  • Produces a safe, cost-effective alternative source of carbon for biological nutrient removal (BNR) systems
  • Can process raw, WAS, or aerobically digested residuals, or be combined with anaerobic digestion in a pre- or post-digestion configuration
  • Augment to existing plant operations – does not disrupt process flow
  • Ease of integration with multiple resource recovery technologies

Here’s how Lystek’s patented and proven THP solution works: