March 10, 2016 News

March 10, 2016| Cambridge ON | For Immediate Release | Canadian biofertilizer producer Lystek International is excited to release a first round of in-depth, third-party, field data derived from crop trials completed during the 2015 growing year in Ontario’s agricultural heartland.

The Cambridge-based firm is quickly establishing itself as a market leader in the low temperature, low cost Thermal Hydrolysis space. This is being achieved by demonstrating how advanced technology based in sound science and research can not only help reduce the volumes and GHG’s that can be associated with biosolids and organics management, but also how these amazing resources can be safely diverted from landfills (or other, less beneficial uses) and converted into biogas for green energy, an alternative carbon source for BNR systems and a highly effective, pathogen free “Class A quality” biofertilizer product.

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