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Lystek International is an organic materials recovery firm that is helping municipalities and other generators reduce waste, costs, odors and greenhouse gas emissions through its innovative approach to biosolids and organics management. The multi-use Lystek system can be leveraged to optimize digesters and biological nutrient removal systems while also contributing to diversion and sustainability. This is achieved by transforming non-hazardous, organic materials into nutrient-rich, federally-registered fertilizers and other, multi-purpose products.

Why Our Approach Works
The proprietary Lystek process involves a combination of heat, alkali, and high shear mixing...
Our Expertise
Lystek has an experienced management team, with expertise in waste management, wastewater engineering...

Biosolids Management
Lystek’s patented, award-winning and proven biosolids management solutions are ready to implement today.
Projects & Case Studies
Full-scale Lystek systems are operating in a number of locations.


  • Lystek is a key element in our NR2 project and, together with St. Cloud and all stakeholders, we are demonstrating both economic and environmental leadership in Minnesota through the implementation of innovative, cost effective solutions,” said Patrick Shea, Public Services Director for the City. “Feedback in terms of the training and professionalism of the Lystek staff on this initiative has been extremely positive. We look forward to seeing this proven system play its part in this important resource recovery project.
    Patrick Shea, Director of Public Services, City of St. Cloud
  • This technology is proven and development of this project and facility will play an important role in capping the FSSD's operational expenses related to biosolids management. It will also help us diversify and achieve our goal of leveraging existing, under-utilized infrastructure to generate additional revenues, further offsetting costs for the district.
    Greg Baatrup, General Manager, Fairfield Suisun Sewer District
  • The Board of Directors is extremely proud of the track record of success at the FSSD and pleased with staff accomplishment. We look forward to the positive benefits this partnership with Lystek brings to the communities of Fairfield, Suisun City, Solano County and the entire Bay Area.
    Pete Sanchez, Former President, FSSD Board of Directors
  • I absolutely love this product, Farming is changing so fast and there are economic and environmental pressures forcing us to rethink how we fertilize soil. For my operation, Class A quality products are the only way to go. I am willing to invest in LysteGro because it is better for our operations, business and the environment.
    Jim Patton, CEO, Patton Poultry Breeders Inc. & President, Innovative Farmers of Ontario (IFAO)
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) biosolids should be considered a resource and not a liability. Converting our biosolids into a commercial fertilizer that is high in organic matter is a win-win for both the City and local farmers.
  • The Lystek OMRC has had a very positive impact on our community. In addition to making us part of the new, green economy, we can now show how Lystek’s investment in the Eco Park is paying real dividends to the benefit of all citizens of Southgate and beyond.
    Brian Milne, (former) Mayor, Township of Southgate
  • The addition of the state-of the-art, Lystek solution to our Wastewater Treatment Plant operations is playing a vital role in contributing to our goal of being a progressive, industry leader in biosolids management.
    Tim Robertson, Plant Manager, Wastewater Services, City of Guelph
  • Centre Wellington is pleased with its decision to include the Lystek technology at the Elora Wastewater Treatment Plant. This allows us to reduce our off-site management costs while producing a registered fertilizer product that is valuable to the agricultural community. Lystek solutions offer diversity and multiple ‘wins’ both economically and environmentally.
    Colin Baker, Managing Director of Infrastructure, Township of Centre-Wellington
  • LysteGro is showing to be a highly valued product in our area and, as proof of that, our revenue sharing returns have reduced our biosolids management fees. That’s a real-game changer.”
    John den Hoed, Supervisor of Wastewater Services, Township of Centre-Wellington
  • The University of Waterloo is pleased to have played a role at the incubation and development stage of Lystek’s growth. We are proud to be able to contribute to Lystek’s world-class technology – a technology that has been recognized by peers and is having a positive impact on the environment.
    D. George Dixon, Vice President, University Research, University of Waterloo
  • It's important that we look for ways to improve the health of our soils without a heavy reliance on synthetic fertilizers. In Solano County, bio-fertilizers are being manufactured in a resource recovery process from biosolids and organic waste. These final products can add needed organic matter and micro-nutrients to replenish soils for a better future.
    Jim Allan, Solano County Agriculture Commissioner
  • The science behind the technology developed by Lystek and the remarkable end product LysteGro has numerous demonstrated benefits. This is recycling and reuse at its best. Producers are already quickly recognizing the advantages that can be achieved and will surely adopt the slogan; Farmers who know, use LysteGro!
    Ray Robertson, P. Ag. Executive Director/President, Grey County Agricultural Services
  • The Lystek process demonstrates sustained excellence in advancing our knowledge of solutions for the management of residuals and biosolids, with potential for use in many locations, operational proof of performance, improvement of biosolids handling and nutrient recovery and improvement of biosolids quality for beneficial use.
    Water Environment Association of Ontario, (WEAO), Residuals & Biosolids Management Awards Committee, 2013
  • I was looking for an alternative fertilizer from traditional synthetic fertilizer and Class B biosolids for growing wheat in the Solano Hills. The Class A LysteGro product simplified the regulatory process and provided an economical fertilizer product; plus Lystek handled the delivery and custom application. As a small farmer, they have earned my future business with their performance and high-quality LysteGro fertilizer.
    Mike Hagan, wheat farmer and rancher
  • As the Provincial Member of Parliament for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, I wanted to offer my congratulations to Lystek and commend you for delivering on your promise of economic and environmental benefit, as well as the economic investment during construction and continual operations and jobs for the community of Southgate.
    Bill Walker, Member of Provincial Parliament, Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound
  • After my first application of LysteGro, I saw immediate results in my pasture crop as compared to my field without the product. The Lystek staff are very accommodating to my schedule and easy to work with. The application equipment used was effective and had no negative impact on my existing operation.
    Ryan Mahoney, Rio Vista rancher
  • As the Wastewater Treatment Plant Foreman for the City of North Battleford, I have worked with many contractors and sub-contractors on various projects over the years, with varied experiences. As such, I am happy to provide this positive reference for the team at Lystek with respect to our recent deployment of their biosolids management system.
    Cliff Dyck, Wastewater Treatment Plant Foreman, City of North Battleford
  • The use of biosolids provides a valuable renewable source of nutrients and soil structure enhancement for the agricultural industry. Treatment of biosolids into a liquid fertilizer, with sub-surface application at computer system-controlled loading rates, allows for an additional level of management of nutrient loadings and for ensuring compliance with US EPA regulations. We support innovative technologies such as this which provide benefits to generators and enhance the quality of the product for end-users.
    Lauren Fondahl, Biosolids Coordinator, USEPA, Region 9 San Francisco, California
  • It was unreal, how easy the deployment of this system was. This, combined with the small footprint, low cost and excellent support from the Lystek team - it was almost like the system was designed especially for our facility.
  • After much research and analysis, it became clear that the Lystek solution was the best, net solution for St. Thomas. We are confident this decision will pay economic and environmental dividends.
    Justin Lawrence, Director, Environmental Services and City Engineer for the City of St. Thomas.
  • As a “no-till” farmer, I found the LysteGro application process very compatible with my farming practices. The soil disturbance was minimal and did not interfere at all with my planting practice.
    Neil Anderson, Solano County farmer
  • The SFPUC is proud to work with a leading company like Lystek, as they continue to leverage years of sound science and research to safely divert biosolids from landfills and prove their value as a renewable, Class A quality resource.
    Karri Ving - Resource Recovery and Pollution Prevention Manager, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

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