Fertilizer Sales and Management

We offer comprehensive product management services, assuming full responsibility for the LysteGro® fertilizer program for our in-plant installations. This includes fertilizer sales and marketing, regulatory engagement, and agronomic planning, and coordination of transportation and field application.

Our approach to product management is to ensure that LysteGro is handled and applied effectively, while also engaging the local agricultural community to demonstrate product value. This long-term strategy has been proven to effectively develop a stable market of loyal customers who understand the value of the product and are willing to pay for it.

Lystek’s Fertilizer Management services provide generators with a worry-free program that saves generators time, is cost-effective, and ensures that LysteGro® is handled according to our best management practices, which exceed regulatory requirements in North America. 

The combination of our cost-effective processing technology and our ability to provide back-end product management offers a full service approach that sets us apart from other technology providers.


Fertilizer Management Services

Lystek’s solution offers complete product management services to our customers, including:

Fertilizer & Marketing Sales

Our team of Certified Crop Advisors and Professional Agrologists work with local extension staff, land application contractors, and farmers to develop a sustainable fertilizer management program, benefitting generators and agricultural customers.

With commercial fertilizer prices and demand for organic amendments from the agricultural sector expected to increase, the value of the LysteGro fertilizer will continue to rise over time.

Our certified team of professionals have successfully managed and sold LysteGro, for our customers, at all of our locations. To date we have sold over 1,800,000 tons.

Land Application Coordination & Services

Our Product Management team works with application contractors and farmers to ensure that LysteGro is always applied in an environmentally responsible manner, at agronomically beneficial rates, under appropriate field conditions, and with diligent recordkeeping.

Regulatory Reporting & Requirements

United States

As part of a product management services agreement, our team can manage any sampling, land permitting, and reporting through the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA). Where applicable, we are also able to register the LysteGro fertilizer with the state fertilizer regulatory body, and manage ongoing reporting requirements.


Regulatory requirements for management of LysteGro as a fertilizer under the Federal Fertilizers Act, administered by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) can be handled by our experienced staff. This is included as part of our services agreement for product management. Producing a fertilizer from your biosolids reduces the administrative burden of site selection and application and enables the product to be applied to farmland when it is optimal from a nutrient management and cropping perspective.

St Thomas LysteGro product loading

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Lystek’s Best Management Practices

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