Our History

Lystek is a leading provider of Thermal Hydrolysis solutions for the sustainable management of biosolids and organics. The multi-use, award-winning Lystek system reduces costs, volumes and GHG’s by converting wastewater treatment facilities into resource recovery centers. This is achieved by transforming organic waste streams into value-added products and services, such as the patented LysteMize® process for optimizing digester performance, reducing volumes and increasing biogas production; LysteGro®, a high-value, nutrient-rich biofertilizer and LysteCarb®, an alternative source of carbon for BNR systems. 

Co-founded in 2000 by a pair of  industrial microbiologists at the University of Waterloo, the early years were focused on laboratory-based research and development of the Lystek technology. Work began on the company’s first successful pilot in 2006 at the City of Guelph, (Ontario) Wastewater Treatment Plant. Upon completion of this successful two-stage pilot, Lystek began operation of its first, full-scale commercial deployment of the Lystek Thermal Hydrolysis Process (Lystek THP®) at the City of Guelph in 2008.

In 2011 Lystek received significant outside investment from the Tomlinson Group of Companies, enabling the company to continue expanding and proving its technology as a sustainable, cost effective, easy to operate solution with successful full-scale deployments across North America.

Today, Lystek THP® is fully proven on a commercial scale. Processing capacities currently range from 3,500 to 150,000 tons a year. Our largest facility in the USA is a regional Organic Material Recovery Center (OMRC) in Fairfield, California. This facility is capable of diverting 150,000 tons of organic material from landfills annually. It is owned and operated by Lystek in a unique public-private partnership model with the Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District (FSSD). We provide a range of processing and plant optimization services to the FSSD facility as well as receiving feed stock from other communities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Examples of highly successful Design-Build-Transfer (DBT) projects can be found in the national, award-winning deployment of Lystek in North Battleford, Saskatchewan (Canada) and in St. Cloud, Minnesota (USA). Both of these projects delivered significant benefits to the customer including cost savings, efficient retro-fitting, volume reduction, ease of operation and maintenance, and, in the case of North Battleford, transition from land filling to resource recovery.

With Lystek, you get proven solutions delivered by a qualified team of service-oriented professionals with years of combined expertise.

Our Mission

To set the pace as a market leader in the development and delivery of proven solutions for the complete, end-to-end management and re-use of biosolids and organics through the provision of advanced, safe, cost effective, sustainable technologies and industry best practices.

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