Elora, ON


Costly Storage Problems Become Fertilizer Sales Success Story



WWTP Rating

1.1 MGD (5,000 m3 / day)

Population Served


Lystek THP Module Size

1 x LY3 (0.3 dry tons / hr)

Lystek THP Processing Footprint

800 ft2 (74 m2)


Municipal biosolids (aerobically digested)


The community of Centre Wellington was planning an upgrade to their wastewater treatment plant in Elora, Ontario. They decided to upgrade their biosolids management process at the same time. Due to their proximity to an abundance of agricultural land, they wanted to continue their historical practice of land application. It was recognized that, particularly with recent advancements in technology, science and quality control, this could still be a cost effective and environmentally sustainable way to manage these materials.

However, the Elora WWTP did not have enough on site space to store their biosolids over the winter and had to rely on an off-site contractor. This was becoming very costly and, because the Township’s biosolids production was also increasing, they recognized the need to have more control over their program. Ultimately, a decision was made to add dewatering and the Lystek technology to their new plant upgrade. This approach was designed to reduce storage requirements and create a safe, lower odor biofertilizer product (LysteGro) with a range of beneficial uses. The processing capacity of the Lystek system at the Elora plant is 5 m3 of biosolids per hour. This plant has been fully operational since 2014.


In-Plant Installations