North Battleford, SK


From Landfill Disposal to Resource Recovery




1.9 MGD (7,320 m3 / day)

Population Served


Lystek THP Module Size

1 x LY6 (0.6 dry tons / hr)

Lystek THP Processing Footprint

1,200 ft2 (111 m2)


Municipal biosolids (aerobically digested)


The City was experiencing odor issues with its practice of landfilling dewatered, Class B biosolids. Therefore, it was mandated by the Provincial Water Security Agency to eliminate landfilling and implement a new, environmentally sustainable, long-term biosolids management solution by November of 2015.

Lystek competed with a composting company and a lime stabilization technology and was subsequently awarded a contract to provide the City with a new solution for biosolids management. Lystek was ultimately chosen because it was deemed to be the most fiscally and environmentally responsible for the City.  We were able to meet/exceed North Battleford’s requirements for a proven, year-round management program that could be implemented by November 2015 to produce a Class A equivalent, CFIA regulated product that could be sold (not given away) to area farmers.

Due to its small footprint, the Lystek system was also the only proposed solution that did not require any additional operations staff and that could be retrofitted right into the City’s existing plant with little to no disruption to its existing infrastructure and operations. Lystek provided a complete solution for the City including engineering services for the design, build, commissioning, permitting, and initial operation of the new system. The contract also includes operational support for five years after start-up and has included fertilizer product marketing services since commissioning with a unique revenue share model to help the City offset costs.

The installation was completed on budget and the system was commissioned and operational by November of 2014, a full year ahead of schedule. The new plant is now producing LysteGro fertilizer, which Lystek has sold to local farmers on behalf of the City since 2015.


In-Plant Installations