LysteMize Digester Enhancement

Lystek THP® can further enhance biosolids and organics resource recovery with LysteMize®. The LysteMize process uses hydrolyzed feedstock to improve anaerobic digester performance.

How it Works

Lystek THP hydrolyzes and solubilizes organic compounds, making the digested residuals amenable to further biodegradation. This allows for quicker conversion to biogas in the digester and improves overall digester performance.

LysteMize can increase biogas yields and volatile solids reduction. This re-feed process reduces the volume of residuals requiring management offsite and optimizes resource recovery.


Curious About the Mass Balance?

See our graphic illustration of an example case comparing how a LysteMize program can perform when compared to a WWTP with digestion only or with LysteGro® only.

Is a LysteMize program typically deployed pre- or post-digestion?

We typically recommend Lystek THP is implemented post-digestion to optimize efficiency and throughput.

This configuration allows anaerobic digesters to digest easily biodegradable materials first, such as primary sludge, and then hydrolyzes the difficult to digest compounds that remain after the first pass through the digesters. A portion of the hydrolyzed material is recirculated back to the anaerobic digester via the LysteMize process to achieve additional solids destruction and increase biogas production.

Both pre and post digestion configurations are possible depending on site specific infrastructure requirements.

Do we need a second THP Module if we want to operate both a LysteMize and LysteGro program at our facility?

No. A single Lystek THP Module can produce a hydrolyzed product that can be pumped directly to storage as LysteGro fertilizer, with a portion returned to the anaerobic digesters for the LysteMize process.

How much more biogas will our digesters produce with a LysteMize program?

The specific performance benefits of a LysteMize program are application specific. Program performance is dependent on a number of factors including the energy potential of the residual feedstock and the base-line efficiency of the anaerobic digester.

We are able to estimate the performance of a LysteMize program at your facility with a better understanding of these factors. Please contact us directly or fill out the facility assessment tool to begin this evaluation.

Can you conduct BMP analysis to assess the potential performance of LysteMize?

Yes. We have the capability to evaluate the Biomethane Potential (BMP) of your feedstock. Please contact us to inquire about this analytical service.


What Benefits Can Lystek THP & LysteMize Offer Your Site?

Contact us or fill out a Facility Assessment Tool form for a site-specific analysis of the potential benefits Lystek THP and LysteMize can bring to your facility.