LysteGro Fertilizer

LysteGro is a pathogen free, high-solids (average 13-16%) liquid fertilizer that remains fully pumpable with conventional liquid handling and application equipment. 

Lystek THP® transforms biosolids and other organics into LysteGro®. In the United States, LysteGro is a Class A quality biosolids (US EPA) and a registered fertilizer with the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA). In Canada, LysteGro meets the requirements of the Fertilizers Act, and is handled as a fertilizer.

The combination of macro- and micronutrients and organic carbon provide a valuable cost-effective resource to customers who want an alternative fertilizer source to improve long-term soil health.

N-P-K: LysteGro contains high concentrations of all three macronutrients (4.5 – 7 – 2.5)

MICRONUTRIENTS: LysteGro provides a variety of valuable micronutrients including high concentrations of Sulphur, Calcium, Iron, and Magnesium.

ORGANIC MATTER: The addition of organic matter to soils helps improve overall soil health, including improved water holding capacity, soil structure and tilth, increased microbial activity as well as increased resilience to severe weather conditions.

MULTI-YEAR BENEFIT: Similar to manure, LysteGro is high in organic nutrients that are released slowly, over time, providing benefits for several years after application.

PROVEN, QUALITY FERTILIZER: Lystek’s patented and proven treatment process follows strict quality control criteria when manufacturing LysteGro.  The result is a homogenous, pathogen-free agricultural fertilizer that farmers can count on to meet their nutrient needs as a proven mineral fertilizer replacement.

COST SAVINGS: We market LysteGro to the agricultural sector at an affordable price based on the nutrient value. By using LysteGro, farmers save on the input costs they would otherwise pay if purchasing inorganic fertilizer.

LysteGro is sold to nearby farmers. The fertilizer is subsurface injected by local land application contractors as part of the service offering to farmers. Lystek manages the sales and coordinates land application for many of our municipal customers.

Interested in Purchasing LysteGro for Your Farm?

Currently, we are managing LysteGro in regions near the following locations:

  • St. Thomas, Ontario
  • Elora, Ontario
  • St. Marys, Ontario
  • Innisfil, Ontario
  • North Battleford, Saskatchewan
  • Guelph, Ontario
  • Dundalk, Ontario
  • Fairfield, California
  • Brownstown (Wayne & Monroe Counties), Michigan

We are always adding new locations; please contact Simon Meulendyk at or (519) 923-3539 if you are interested in LysteGro for your farm and want to inquire about new project developments.

Field Trials

We have conducted many field trials to demonstrate the efficacy of LysteGro fertilizer in various crops. Please click below for a report from each trial, and reach out to your local product manager for further information.

Advantages of LysteGro

  • Simple, cost effective liquid pumping and storage systems
  • Transportation loading and unloading efficiencies
  • Odor mitigation with enclosed system
  • Efficient and cost effective land application
  • Maximizes carbon and nutrient value
  • Mitigates risk of runoff and enhances environmental protection
  • Improves in-field aesthetics with subsurface injection
  • Quality fertilizer improves yields and reduces input costs

Application Methods & Best Management Practices

We work with local and regional farmers, ranchers, and contractors to haul and apply the product based on our internal best management practices. These requirements meet state and federal regulations for Class A biosolids, and also incorporate best management practices that are standard for the agricultural industry.

Learn more about our land application services and practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What crops are most suitable for LysteGro application?

LysteGro is suitable for a wide range of crops, and can be integrated into nutrient management plans like any fertilizer product. It has particularly good applicability in annual field crops, as well as some perennial crops, and has been evaluated in a variety of specialty crops/products as well.  To date, LysteGro has been successfully applied to the following crops:

  • Corn (grain/silage)
  • Wheat
  • Soybeans
  • Hay (legumes and grasses)
  • Canola
  • Barley
  • Safflower
  • Cover crops (rye, tillage radish, oats)
There are many other crops which would be suitable for planting with LysteGro application. Please contact us to discuss this further.
How does Lystek manage the product?

We work with local haulers and application contractors and engage with the local farm community to ensure LysteGro is being managed in the most responsible manner. LysteGro is subsurface injected using conventional liquid manure handling equipment.  Our Product Management team of agronomists and crop advisors build a customer base and work with application contractors to ensure all relevant regulations and best management practices are adhered to.

How are application rates determined?

Application rates are determined based on crop needs and soil properties, in consultation with the farmer and/or their agronomist. All relevant regulations are always followed. Typical application rates are between 2,500 – 4,000 Imperial Gallons per acre.

How much does LysteGro cost?
The price of LysteGro is locally determined based on management costs, mineral fertilizer pricing, and market demand.

LysteGro – Completing the Cycle with a Class A Product

Please Contact Your Local Product Manager to Learn More

Fairfield, California, USA (FSSD OMRC):
Jacob Collins
Phone: (707) 366-8051

Dundalk, Ontario, Canada (Southgate OMRC):
Simon Meulendyk
Phone: (519) 923-3539