South Huron Valley, MI


Sustainable Class A Solutions for Class B Storage Challenges



WWTP Rating

24 MGD (90,850 m3/day); ADF of 10 MGD

Population Served


Lystek THP Module Size

1 x LY10 (1.0 dry tons/hr)

Lystek THP Processing Footprint

1,850 ft2 (172 m2)


Undigested Municipal Biosolids


The South Huron Valley Utility Authority (SHVUA) was seeking solutions to reduce biosolids volumes at their wastewater plant (WWTP). The existing low-solids, lime stabilized, Class B biosolids program was becoming stressed for winter storage and the WWTP was required to implement a costly contingency option of dewatering and hauling to landfill for disposal.

Implementation of Lystek THP provides the SHVUA WWTP with a cost-effective solution to reduce biosolids volumes by over 50%, vastly extending storage capacity at the plant, while also producing a Class A biosolids for local agricultural use.

This advanced biosolids management project includes the implementation of a Lystek THP LY10 Module alongside a dewatering centrifuge and permanent biosolids truck loading infrastructure. The project took advantage of existing liquid storage tanks and building space to optimize the use of existing infrastructure and minimize capital costs.


In-Plant Installations