Sharjah, UAE


On-Site Resource Recovery with an Easy to Implement Containerized Solution



WWTP Rating

13 MGD (50,000 m3 / day)



Lystek THP Module Size

1 x LY3 (0.3 dry tons / hr)

Lystek THP Processing Footprint

398 ft2 (37 m2)


Undigested Biosolids

About This Project

Sharjah Municipality was looking to implement a technology that had the capability of producing a fertilizer product on site and eliminate reliance on offsite disposal. This containerized solution provides Sharjah with operational certainty and predictable management costs. This project includes the deployment of a full LY3 Module, dewatering equipment, and all associated ancillary systems required to produce Class A quality LysteGro fertilizer, and will treat a portion of the solids from the WWTP. This unit provides a complete solution operating entirely within two vertically stacked 50’ containers and requires minimal external utilities. This containerized unit extends the proven advantages of the in-plant Lystek THP solution by offering a compact, cost effective solution that is capable of rapid implementation.


In-Plant Installations