Innisfil, ON


Advancing Resource Recovery in A Growing Community



WWTP Rating

3.8 MGD (14,400 m3 / day)

Population Served


Lystek THP Module Size

1 x LY3 (0.3 dry tons / hr)

Lystek THP Processing Footprint

800 ft2 (74 m2)


Aerobically digested biosolids


Community growth has substantially increased flows to the Town of Innisfil’s Lakeshore Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP), with demand projected to more than triple over the next two decades. This growth, along with increasing wet-weather events putting pressure on liquid biosolids (2-3% solids) storage, motivated the Town to pursue a long-term sustainable solution for biosolids management.

Lystek THP was integrated between the plant’s existing aerobic digesters and biosolids storage tanks, producing a concentrated liquid (12-15% solids) fertilizer, LysteGro, from the Town’s biosolids. LysteGro fertilizer is regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and is sold to local farmers. Maintaining a liquid program enabled the Town to extend the use of existing infrastructure and minimize the capital investment required. The concentered nature of LysteGro alleviates storage pressures, reduces trucking requirements for plant operations, and reduces management costs. Further, the CFIA fertilizer designation provides farmers flexibility to receive and use of the product.

In the short term, the deployment accommodates recent growth and delays the need for a full plant expansion. In the long term, thoughtful planning and design of the new biosolids management solution positions the plant and community to deal with the projected future increases in capacity and required expansion.


In-Plant Installations