Erin, ON


Advanced Resource Recovery Facility with LysteGro Fertilizer Production and LysteMize Biogas Recovery


Under Construction

WWTP Rating

7.2 MLD

Population Served


Lystek THP Module Size

1 x LY10 (1.0 dry tons/hr)


Undigested Municipal Biosolids


The Town of Erin is undertaking a project to build a new Wastewater Resource Recovery Facility to service the Village of Erin and Hillsburgh and eliminate reliance on aging septic systems. The Town currently hauls septage waste over 90 km to Collingwood for disposal and is looking to implement an advanced facility that will mitigate environmental impacts, support community growth, and will have positive effects on the local economy.

Project consultants, WSP Global Inc., selected Lystek THP® as an alternative to traditional anaerobic digestion to minimize capital and operational expenses, enhance resource recovery, and reduce the program’s greenhouse gas footprint.

Lystek THP will eliminate the Town’s reliance on costly and unsustainable disposal programs by recovering valuable organics and nutrients with the production of LysteGro® fertilizer. The fertilizer product is regulated by the Canadian Food and Inspection Agency (CFIA) and will be sold to local farmers.

This project also includes the generation and recovery of renewable biogas which will be used to fuel onsite processes, reducing the facility’s reliance on fossil fuels such as natural gas. This LysteMize® digestion program, combined with efficient operations, optimized facility design, and a localized advanced beneficial use fertilizer program will minimize the program’s carbon intensity.

North American Construction Ltd. will act as the general contractor for the greenfield project. Project construction is expected to begin summer 2022 with substantial completion in fall of 2024. Lystek will complete the supply and installation of one LY10 Process Module, dewatering centrifuge, and associated LysteMize biogas collection and LysteGro fertilizer loading infrastructure as a part of this large infrastructure project.


In-Plant Installations