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We offer comprehensive solutions including initial facility assessment, technology supply and installation, design-build services, off-site regional solutions, and LysteGro fertilizer sales and management.


Regional Organic Material
Recovery Centers

Click here for more information about our regional Organic Material Recovery Centers (OMRCs) and having your community’s residuals processed at one of our OMRCs.

The Benefits of Lystek’s Proven Approach


Efficient Process

Processing dewatered residuals (typically 15-18% TS) results in heating far less water than competing technologies operating at a lower TS, optimizing the Module’s throughput and the energy inputs required.

Lystek THP requires feedstock at lower solids content compared to other Class A biosolids technologies or managing Class B cake biosolids, which minimizes filtrate volumes returned to the plant’s headworks and optimizes polymer dosing.

Lystek THP produces a concentrated liquid product that substantially reduces residual volumes with a process that is energy efficient and retains valuable nutrients in the end product.

At facilities where Lystek THP is integrated with anaerobic digestion, there are additional energy and cost savings opportunities. By operating post-digestion, Lystek THP optimizes thermodynamic inputs and process efficiencies, avoiding pre-treatment of readily biodegradable compounds, which would have been easily metabolized in the digester. Lystek THP works to hydrolyze the materials that are not readily biodegradable, to further boost biogas and reduce the total residual solids.

Cost Effective Solutions

The Lystek THP solution:

  • is energy efficient
  • has a short retention time with fast and efficient liquid conveyance
  • is scalable and modular
  • can often be accommodated within existing infrastructure
  • can normally be operated with existing staff capacity

These factors combine to make Lystek THP a cost-effective and competitive technology for utilities of all sizes looking for an advanced biosolids and organics management solution.

No Additional Operators Required

Due to the user friendly and easy to operate nature of the Lystek THP technology, no additional operators are typically required above the plant’s existing staff and no specialized operator certifications are required. This approach has been proven and confirmed at many of our in-plant deployments and has translated into substantial cost savings for our customers.

Low Maintenance

Lystek THP Reactors operate at ambient pressure (non-pressurized) and operate with conventional liquid wastewater treatment equipment including pumps, valves, tanks, etc. This means that in the event of process disruptions, parts are easy to acquire and maintenance is routine for wastewater operators.

Does Not Disrupt Process Flow

The Lystek THP system is typically installed post-dewatering as an augment to existing solids treatment process trains. This configuration allows for relatively simple upgrades to existing facilities that do not disrupt process flow and further expands options for retrofitting current infrastructure. One advantage of this configuration is that facilities can easily retain existing infrastructure as a bypass option for contingency and redundancy if preferred.

Liquid Advantage

The liquid properties of LysteGro allow for conventional pumping, storage, loading, and off-loading efficiencies throughout transportation, and land application.

LysteGro’s liquid advantage also allows for application and nutrient use efficiencies, reduced potential for run-off, improved optics, and an enhanced value proposition to farmers.

This advantage is outlined in detail here.

Comprehensive Product Management Services

We offer comprehensive product management services, assuming full responsibility for the LysteGro fertilizer program for our in-plant installations.

Utilities can take comfort knowing their biosolids are handled responsibly and sustainably in accordance with industry best management practices.

The combination of our cost-effective technology and product management service provides a turnkey solution.

This full-service approach sets us apart from technology vendors.