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November 2010 – Lystek technology included in the biosolids master plan by Region of Waterloo, Ontario

June 2010 – US patent on “Feedback system for enhancing elimination of biomass in sewage sludge” granted to Lystek International

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April 2010 – Lystek system at Town of St. Marys wastewater treatment plant commissioned and currently operating at full scale

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March 2010 – Contract executed for biosolids management project for the City of Peterborough, Ontario

June 2008 – Canadian Patent on “Treatment of sewage sludge” granted to Lystek International

May 2008 – Contract executed for the advanced biosolids management using Lystek system for the City of Guelph, Ontario

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March 2007 – Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) / GMEF project on on “Advanced Biosolids Treatment Process for the Production of High Solids and Low Pathogen Product for Beneficial Reutilization” by Lystek International and the City of Guelph. For details of project findings, please contact 

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September 2006 – Lystek technology documented as an emerging technology with a significant potential in the United States EPA document (EPA-832-R-06-005) “Emerging Technologies for Biosolids Management”

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