advisory_committee2The Public Advisory Committee (PAC) for Lystek’s Southgate Organic Material Recovery Centre (OMRC) in Dundalk, Ontario was originally formed in January of 2012. This undertaking was initiated by Lystek on a voluntary basis to help facilitate the open flow of information, ideas and constructive input between local residents and Lystek International with respect to centre development and ongoing operations.

Today, the PAC committee continues to function and serve in this role as part of the OMRC’s ongoing operational approvals as set out by the Ministry of the Environment (MOE).

Members of the PAC are community volunteers that meet on a bi-monthly basis. The composition of the PAC is to consist of:

  • Four to six representatives of the community (ideally, residing within 5 km of the facility)
  • Two representatives of the Owner
  • A representative of the Township of Southgate
  • One member from the scientific community and/or with knowledge of biosolids and organics and the applicable Ontario legislation

The current committee includes members from a variety of backgrounds.  The PAC is chaired by Mr. Stephen Redmond. Stephen is a certified crop advisor, a former Environmental Specialist with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) and a former resident of Dundalk.

Governance for the PAC is also set out in its Terms-of-Reference. You may obtain a copy here: Southgate OMRC Terms-of-Reference

Residents interested in membership should contact the Chair, Steve Redmond at or Dave Milliner, C.A.O. for the Township of Southgate at