Lystek’s proven technology transforms biosolids and other organics into a pathogen free, federally registered, CFIA (Canada) and Class A quality (U.S.A.) recognized biofertilizer product.

As chemical fertilizer prices steadily increase and alternative sources of valuable organic matter become harder and harder to source, LysteGro biofertilizer provides an economical, sustainable and highly effective alternative to traditional fertilization.

LysteGro is an organically-based, concentrated biofertilizer product with a full complement of nutrients suitable for a wide range of fertilization requirements.

LysteGro – Features & Benefits

N-P-K: LysteGro contains high concentrations of all three macronutrients (4.5 – 7 – 2.5), resulting in a robust and valuable biofertilizer product.

MICRONUTRIENTS: In addition to the macros, LysteGro provides a variety of valuable micronutrients including high concentrations of Sulphur, Calcium, Iron and Magnesium.

ORGANIC MATTER: LysteGro is also ideal for building soil structure due to a uniquely high concentration of organic matter in the material. This helps to improve water retention, soil tilth and pore space.

MULTI-YEAR BENEFIT: Similar to manure, LysteGro is high in organic matter and valuable nutrients that are released slowly, over time, thus providing essential benefits for several years after application.

QUALITY & SAFETY: Lystek’s patented and proven, quality controlled, manufacturing approach leverages a combination of heat, high-speed shearing (lysing) and the addition of alkali, to produce LysteGro. The result is a truly unique biofertilizer product that is healthy for the soil, safe, reliable and pathogen free.

LysteGro – Composition

LysteGro AverageaMaximum Allowable ConcentrationbUnits
Organic Matter Content6.62% on a wet weight basis
Total Organic Carbon3.85% on a wet weight basis
Total Nutrient Content
Total Nitrogen (TKN)5.58% on a dry weight basis
Total Available Nitrogen (Ammonium + Nitrate)3.01% on a dry weight basis
Total Organic Nitrogen2.57% on a dry weight basis
Total Phosphorus (elemental)3.66% on a dry weight basis
Total Phosphorus (P2O5)8.38% on a dry weight basis
Total Potassium (elemental)1.91% on a dry weight basis
Total Potassium (K2O)2.30% on a dry weight basis
Regulated Metals
Relevant Micronutrients
Boron0.026lbs/1,000 gallons
Calcium45.79lbs/1,000 gallons
Copper0.90lbs/1,000 gallons
Magnesium7.42lbs/1,000 gallons
Manganese0.44lbs/1,000 gallons
Sulphur15.90lbs/1,000 gallons
Zinc1.02lbs/1,000 gallons
Total and Available Nutrients (during 1st growing season) – Imperial
Total Nitrogen67.95lbs/1,000 gallons
Total Available Nitrogenc49.16lbs/1,000 gallons
Total Phosphorus (P2O5)102.05lbs/1,000 gallons
Total Available Phosphorus (P2O5)d40.82lbs/1,000 gallons
Total Potassium (K2O)27.96lbs/1,000 gallons
Total Available Potassium (K2O)e25.17lbs/1,000 gallons
a Values represent the mean of 12 samples collected on a monthly basis throughout 2015
b As per Ontario Regulation 338/09, Schedule 5
c The sum of Ammonium + Nitrate + assume 40% mineralization of Organic Nitrogen during first growing season
d Assume 40 % availability of Phosphorus during first growing season
e Assume 90% availability of Potassium during first growing season


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