The Lystek Mobile THP solution is Lystek’s smallest commercial system built to date.

The units extend the proven advantages of the in-plant Lystek THP solution by offering an award-winning process through a compact, cost effective package capable of rapid implementation.

The system operates entirely within two vertically stacked 50’ containers and requires minimal external utilities. The units come complete with dewatering and capitalizes on Lystek’s modular design and extend the proven advantages of the company’s in-plant Thermal Hydrolysis solutions to a wider range of plant operators.

Lystek Mobile THP offers operational flexibility with options for LysteGro® production, LysteMize® digester enhancement, LysteCarb® BNR enhancement, and thickening capabilities – all included within the unit.

The units are capable of processing 0.3 dry tons per hour. Full technical specifications of this unit are included in our Mobile THP Technical Specifications Sheet.


Mobile THP


Key Features

  • Ease of on-site installation and operation
  • Operational flexibility / end product flexibility
  • Automated operation, SCADA controlled, remote access available
  • Minimal input requirements and external connections
  • Potable water, alkali, electricity, recycled water



Frequently Asked Questions

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