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Sarah Mason-Renton, Business Development Manager, recently attended the 37th Annual Innovative Approaches to Wastewater Operations Conference in St. Cloud, Minnesota, on February 4th. This conference was organized by the Central States Water Environment Association (CSWEA) and the Minnesota Wastewater Operators Association (MWOA). The conference focused on emerging issues and innovative approaches to operations and management …

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Phosphorus Sustainability Challenge

Phosphorus (P) is one of the most critical nutrients for crop production. Global rock phosphate reserves are non-renewable and being depleted by the need to extract P for fertilizer production. At the same time, water quality in rivers, lakes and coastal areas are being degraded due to excess P entering waterways. Both water quality and …

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Biosolids & Organics Management

Attention: Environmental, agricultural, municipal, recycling & waste management reporters/editors April 22, 2019 – Cambridge, ON – For Immediate Release | It is almost impossible not to be aware of the alarming rate at which some of our most precious plant and wildlife populations are declining – or, worse yet, completely disappearing. It is also no …

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Attention: Environmental, agricultural, municipal, recycling & waste management reporters/editors March 22, 2019 – Cambridge, ON – For Immediate Release | According to the United Nations, our current world population is 7.2 billion and is projected to increase by one billion over the next 12 years, reaching 9.6 billion by 2050. As humankind continues to grow …

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Tractor trailer

The fall is a busy time here at Lystek with plenty of conferences and tradeshows, which gives us a chance to discuss our technology and products with engineers, prospective clients and others in the industry.  Some questions that are often asked are; “Why a concentrated liquid?  Why not dewater it?”  These are reasonable questions since …

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Landfill Organics

As we continue to shift towards a circular economy we need to keep asking more of ourselves in terms of how we manage the organic waste we all produce so that we may maximize the recovery and reuse of these potentially beneficial resources. This includes organic materials from food, yard, biosolids, and wood wastes among …

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Ashbridges Bay

While wastewater treatment plants and soils are very different systems, both have microbial populations which break down organic materials and convert nutrients in solution into more stable forms. While they exist in different environments and perform different functions, all microbial populations require a readily available food source to perform optimally. You might have heard that …

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Did you know that a plastic bag was recently found in one of the world’s most remote locations, at the bottom of the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean in Mariana’s Trench? If that doesn’t sound the alarm about the threat of plastic pollution, what will?

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