Goleta, CA – Skid-Mounted Mobile Pilot

Optimizing Food Waste Anaerobic Digestion at Water Resource Recovery Facilities: Skid-Mounted Mobile Pilot/Education Units for Source-Separated Organics/Biosolids Processing with Cogeneration Capabilities

Publication Number – CEC-500-2022-016
Updated – October 27, 2022
Publication Year – 2022
Publication Division – Energy Research and Development (500)
Program – Electric Program Investment Charge – EPIC
Contract Number – EPC-17-022

Alex West, P.Eng., James Dunbar, PE., Kim Domptail

This project integrated a small-scale skid-mounted system with a food waste de-packaging unit (separation of food waste from non-organic materials) with anaerobic digestion and thermal hydrolysis capabilities to efficiently process food waste and support California’s efforts in diverting organic waste from landfills. Food waste digestion or co-digestion at wastewater treatment facilities leverages existing infrastructure and onsite expertise, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and enhances production of biogas, which is a renewable energy source.