Lystek International Surpasses Multiple Milestones for Fertilizer Production and Sales across North America


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August 1, 2023 | Cambridge, ON / Fairfield, CA | For immediate release – Lystek International has responded to worldwide fertilizer shortages and demand for locally produced fertilizers with increased production of LysteGro®. Over the last year demand for LysteGro has increased significantly as farmers’ traditional sources for chemical and synthetic fertilizers were either excessively costly or unavailable. Increased extreme weather events and a transition towards more sustainable agriculture is driving farmers’ awareness and interest in building soil health and climate resiliency with the application of organic matter.

Using the patented technology, Lystek THP®, Lystek converts municipal biosolids and non-hazardous organic residuals into a Class A quality fertilizer, LysteGro. This product is a concentrated liquid (13 – 16% TS) fertilizer and is sold for bulk application to local farmers. LysteGro is designated as a fertilizer by the Canadian Food and Inspection Agency (CFIA) and is licensed by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) as a bulk commercial fertilizer. LysteGro has proven performance as a commercial fertilizer replacement with predictable nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. It is an affordable source of micronutrients and includes valuable organic matter to improve soil health and resiliency to severe weather conditions.

2022 was a year of substantial growth for LysteGro sales as the company scaled operations to manage, sell, and apply 35% more fertilizer than the previous year, amounting to a total of 80 Million US gallons (>300,000 m3 per year). With increased wastewater flows and fertilizer demand outpacing supply, substantially higher product volumes were produced and sold across all facilities. Notable contributors were the two regional Organic Material Recovery Centers (OMRC) as well as the addition of another on-site installation in Michigan at the South Huron Valley Utility Authority. The OMRCs are owned and operated by Lystek and service the Southern Ontario / Greater Toronto and San Francisco Bay / Northern California areas respectively.

The South Huron Valley Utility Authority commissioned the Class A Lystek THP technology in the summer of 2022, kicking off the first LysteGro application season in the state of Michigan with over 1.5 million gallons produced and sold to local farmers. Marketing for 2023 is well underway with local fertilizer demand continuing to increase. We expect substantial program growth to continue in Michigan with the addition of a second facility at the Commerce Township WWTP beginning fertilizer production in fall 2023. This will continue to divert more nutrients from landfill and produce a biosolids fertilizer product to help local farms access these valuable resources affordably.

Lystek’s Canadian flagship facility, the Southgate OMRC, celebrated its 10-year operations anniversary in June 2023 while also surpassing a major LysteGro milestone in July with over one million cubic meters, or more than 260 million US gallons, produced, sold, and applied to local agricultural lands over the history of facility operations. More than 75,000 acres of land have been fertilized locally, enhancing the productivity and profitability of these agricultural operations.

“We’ve continued to innovate to move more fertilizer and maximize the use of the product for our agricultural customers. LysteGro is helping farmers in the region make the most out of their acres with increasing crop yields” – Lloyd Brubacher, LysteGro Program Manager, Highland Custom Farms

“LysteGro is a useful and innovative solution for sustainable farming, and it’s exciting to see companies taking proactive steps toward environmental sustainability.” – Harvey Martin, Owner and President, Saugeen Agri Services

LysteGro was first introduced to the California marketplace in early 2017 and has seen steady growth in annual sales each year. The extended drought over the last decade in California has driven the transition to more sustainable farming practices. Over the last year in particular, demand from farmers has increased significantly as their traditional sources for chemical and synthetic fertilizers either made costs excessively high or unavailable. In 2022 alone Lystek sold and applied over 30-million gallons of LysteGro to regional farmers and ranchers in need of a safe fertilizer alternative – a 30% increase over 2021. 2023 is well on track for a record setting year, with spring sales and application rates more than 150% greater than what was achieved in 2022.

“California ranchers know about sustainability. By using natural fertilizers, they are able to build up soil organic matter. This carbon improves soil health and in turn improves forage production, which equals higher average daily weight gains for cattle. By using locally produced products like LysteGro, ranchers are able to improve their bottom line.” Jacob Collins, Product Coordinator, Lystek

 About Lystek

Lystek International, a division of the Tomlinson Group of Companies, is North America’s leading provider of Thermal Hydrolysis solutions for the sustainable management of biosolids and organics, servicing over 60 public and private customers. Lystek THP® converts biosolids and non-hazardous organic residuals into a high-solids liquid, multi-use product for full cycle resource recovery. These products and processes include the LysteMize® process for optimizing anaerobic digestion and biogas production; LysteCarb®, an alternative carbon source for BNR systems; and, LysteGro®, a nutrient-rich biosolids fertilizer. LysteGro is a high solids (13-16% total solids), Class A quality liquid biosolids fertilizer that is easily stored, transported, and applied using conventional liquid handling equipment and is regulated as a fertilizer product in Canada and the state of California. Lystek offers turnkey solutions including technology supply, design-build and installation services, regional processing solutions, and comprehensive LysteGro product management.

For more information, please contact: Lystek Head Office – 888-501-6508