Spring Edition 2015

We are excited to share that 2014 was another exciting year!

In September of 2014, we celebrated our first eighteen months of successful operations of the Southgate Organic Material Recovery Centre (OMRC) with an Open House event. It was attended by over 130 representatives from Ontario municipalities, agricultural associations, soil and crop advisors, local businesses, politicians, OMAFRA, the MOE, and area growers. We have now surpassed our second, full year of fertilizer production at the OMRC.

October 2013 – Fall Update

As we head into the fall season, the team at Lystek are taking a few moments to reflect on what has been a very busy and successful year so far. In this first electronic newsletter, we wanted to share with you some of the exciting projects our team and partners are working on. 

January 2013 – Plant Nutrition and the Role of Biosolids

Our world population is growing rapidly. It is expected to rise from over 7 billion today to 10 billion by 2050…..To read this article submitted by Dr. O.P Ward, click on the link below. This month’s newsletter also features our construction update submitted by Guy Treadwell and our PAC update submitted by Steve Redmond.

October 2012 – Dundalk, ON. Construction Update

This month’s newsletter features our construction update submitted by Guy Treadwell. If you visit the site currently you will see that the shell of the building has been constructed in accordance with our approved Building Permit. We are now concentrating on completion of the Air Handling and Odour Control System which is an extremely important component of the overall design in that it will help ensure any potential odours are properly controlled and the community is not negatively impacted.

September 2012 – Recycling Biosolids – It’s The Right Thing to Do

This month’s newsletter features an article submitted by Dr. Owen Ward on Recycling Biosolids. The article will discuss some of the other important reasons for replacing at least a portion of chemical fertilizer demand with organic fertilizers, such as biosolids.

August 2012 – Land Application of Biosolids in the UK

This month’s newsletter features an article on Land Application of Biosolids in the UK. This month’s edition also includes an update on the ongoing activities of the Southgate Public Advisory Committee (PAC), as well as our construction update.

July 2012 – Meet Our People – Part II

This month’s issue features profiles on Rick Mosher, President of Lystek and Dr. Owen Ward, one of the original founders of our technology. We invite you to read more about our people and their backgrounds to gain a better understanding of the knowledge and credentials behind Lystek and what drives us forward. This month’s edition also includes an update on the ongoing activities of the Southgate Public Advisory Committee (PAC). This month was particularly interesting as it included a trip to the town of St. Marys, Ontario where members were able to see the Lystek process in action!

June 2012 – Meet Our People

Previously, the focus of our newsletter has been primarily on the development of the Southgate Organic Materials Recovery Centre (OMRC) and the positive impact it will have on the community and the environment. In this issue we will begin to introduce you to the good people behind Lystek. We’d like you to “meet” the talented, educated, responsible people that have dedicated their lives to environmental stewardship and made possible the research, development, and implementation of our safe, proven technology.

April 2012 – Change, Code of Conduct & Accountability

April’s newsletter discusses how some of us are, by nature, resistant to change and suspicious of things that are new, or different, or that we don’t completely understand. We also talk about trust and the fact that it is earned, not given and that we must all accept this. We also take some time a look at the concept of “Code of Conduct” and how it guides and binds us to act responsibly and be accountable to our peers, friends, families, neighbours and our own reputation for honour and integrity. Is everyone bound by a “Code of Conduct” though? Unfortunately, no…

March 2012 – Depleting Resources, PAC Chair & “Amazing Microbes”

This month, we discuss the depletion of natural resources used to produce commercial fertilizers and how the need for renewable, nutrient-rich, organic-based alternatives continues to grow. The PAC committee also announced that Mr. Stephen Redmond, former Environmental Management Specialist with OMAFRA was unanimously voted in as permanent Chair. An article entitled “Amazing Microbes”, by Dr. Owen Ward, centres on the capacity of microbes to biodegrade a wide range of chemical contaminants in soil.

February 2012 – PAC, OMRC, Research & Regulation

In our last newsletter, we shared our company philosophy and beliefs with you. We shared that the very foundation of Lystek is rooted in environmental responsibility and stewardship and the belief that we can, and must, do better. It is from this base philosophy that the company was founded and from which we will grow, with the help and support of communities like yours; communities that recognize the value and importance of returning valuable nutrients back to the earth, where they belong.

January 2012, Inaugural Newsletter – Southgate Organic Materials Recovery Centre

Over the coming months, and beyond, we will be working in cooperation with the community to build the Southgate Organic Materials Recovery Centre. This initiative will demonstrate what can be accomplished when technology, people and a desire to change the past are combined to create sustainable solutions for real-world challenges. We have an opportunity to do something we can all be very proud of, for many years to come. This newsletter will keep the community fully informed every step of the way.